Saturday, 20 March 2010


 It's time to have breakfast or lunch or dinner or ....maybe... it's time for having fun with:

Saturday, 6 March 2010


These children need your help. They have lost  several things. But they don't remember how to write them in English. Can you help them?

Mary: "I've lost my >> g l o v e s<>><<  (6 letters)
           They are yellow. Help me,please"
Peter: "I've lost my>> c a p .<< (3 letters)
           It’s purple and blue. Is it here?"
Lewis: "I've lost my >>k e y s<< (4 letters)
           They are yellow and white . Please find them"
Jane: "I've lost my >>p e n c i <<  << (6 letters)
           It’s yellow. I want to write with it"!
Paul: "I've lost my >>  c r a y o n s << (7 letters)
        They are blue, green and red. I can't paint without them"
Sue: "I've lost my >>k i t << (4 letters)
         It’s pink, blue and yellow. I want to play with it"
Good luck!

     Add a comment and write your anwers:
  1. Mary has lost her _______.
  2. Peter has lost his _______.
  3. Lewis has lost his _______.
  4. Jane has lost her _______.
  5. Paul has lost his _______.
  6. Sue has lost her _______.


Do you remember the colours, the clothes, the animals, the parts of the body....? I hope so.
We are going to:
Enjoy yourself!

Friday, 5 March 2010


Let’s start with a game: “Easy Peasy Escape”You are locked in a room. Can you escape?
Yes, you can. It is very easy. It is easy-peasy.
You only need to find:
– a key.
– a knife.
– the secret number.
– another key.
– a card.
Here are some clues:
1. The first key is in the radiator.
2. The knife is near the mirror.
3. Open the cupboard with the key.
4. Read the message and write the numbers.
5. Write the secret number.
6. Take the key.
7. Open the drawer of the cupboard with the key.
8. Use the knife to open the box.
9. Take the card and…
10. Escape!!!

Play Easy Peasy Escape at Online Games HQ

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


“English?” “Easy-peasy!”

Eso es lo que contestarás tras acceder a este blog y realizar las actividades que iré proponiendo.

No te preocupes, habrá actividades para todos los gustos y niveles y explicaciones a tu medida.
De una manera divertida podrás ponerte al día con el inglés, ampliar tus conocimientos y compartir con mamá y papá tus logros o tus dudas.

También podréis dejar vuestro granito de arena añadiendo comentarios o sugerencias sobre las actividades. Este blog es de todos y para todos. Sí, también los “profes”.

De momento empezaremos con el inglés de 3º de Primaria pero poco a poco podremos invitar a vuestros amigos y hermanos, pequeños o mayores.

Are you ready?